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As a former head of Citizenship and PSHE,  in a mixed comprehensive secondary school, I know all too well the pressures of meeting targets and rushing students through work in order to complete units set by the National Curriculum. There is not always sufficient lesson time to delve deep and explore issues students really want to learn more about, issues that are relevant to them as young people living in the 21st century.

During my teaching career a number of  incidents took place where students behaviour demonstrated a lack of knowledge and understanding on issues surrounding sex and relationships and drugs. It raised the question of whether or not we were fully equipping our students with the tools needed to make the right choices when faced with real life situations. I always operated an 'open door' policy and would often spend lunch times with students in my classroom and together we would discuss and debate various issues that they would bring up. It could be anything ranging from promiscuous behaviour, teenage parents, drugs, mental health,  the list goes on! It was here that I felt some of their most vital learning was taking place. Students that I did not teach would often tell me how much they learnt from our lunch time 'chats'. 

This is where my real passion lies, teaching young people about issues and topics that really affect them as they grow and mature into young adults. Topics that are often not addressed beyond key stage 3 of the curriculum if at all. Topics young people may not feel comfortable discussing with parents or carers. And topics that ultimately, if delivered correctly, can ensure young people stay focused, have high self respect and esteem and are able to make informed choices that lead to healthy lifestyles. All of which can help them aspire to achieve their best.  Reality21 aims to deliver a range of programmes that have been designed for those students who have been identified as being 'at risk' of getting involved in negative behaviours. Each programme lasts 6 weeks (an hours session per week) and can be delivered in small groups or as a whole class. One to one mentoring is also available.

Reality 21



This programme explores the issues of extremism. We address topics from grooming and recruitment to the impact on society.

Sex & Relationships

Here we explore many issues ranging from STI's, promiscuous behaviour, 'No' means 'No' to teenage parenting.

Well Being

This programme helps students identify how their lifestyle impacts their well being. We address issues such as mental health, SMSC, and self esteem.

Building Positive Relationships

This programme allows students to explore the impact their different relationships can have on them. From family dynamics, friendships and bullying the aim is for students to identify the positives of building and keeping strong and healthy relationships.

21st century Me

This programme deals with current and topical issues from LGBT, the effects of social media, to gangs.


Here we explore the dangers and effects of both legal and illegal drugs. We explore the issues of peer pressure and addiction and the impact that the later has on the individual and wider society.


This is mentoring programme that focuses on identifying the individual needs of each student in order to raise achievement, aspirations and improve behaviour.

Programme prices start from £600 for six sessions delivered over a six week period. 

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Reality 21


Each of our programmes are tailor made to suit the needs of the young people. After liaising with the school, we will put in place a suitable programme to address the issues at hand. Our programmes typically last six weeks, however if extra sessions are required this too can be arranged. We know that every school and every young person is unique, therefore our service reflects this.


Within each session there will be objectives set and by the end of the session evaluative written feedback will be given to the school, whilst students will receive verbal feedback. It is imperative to us that progress is monitored, in doing this we are able to be realistic about the development each student has made as well as future needs and goals.

Target groups

Our target groups are at risk/high profile students or students that are in need of some extra support.
These students may fall into these categories for a number of reasons:
• Exclusion
• Emotional / Social issues
• Challenging behaviour
• Suspicions of drug use/dealing
• Promiscuous behaviour
• Sexual activity
• Bullying
• Gang affiliation

Teaching methods

A wide variety of teaching methods will be used ranging from:
• Discussion
• Role play
• Written activities
• Mind mapping
• Use of video and audio clips
• Case studies


From students and teachers

“ I would want to take part in the Reality 21 programme if I had the chance again, it was fun and it helped me improve my behaviour. I have improved on being more focused and less silly ”

K.C, age: 13

" I feel comfortable with Leeanne because I am able to say how I feel and what I want to speak about. I have learnt how to reflect more on my behaviour, attitude and actions."

A.J, Age: 14

“ I like talking in the group and in one to one sessions because it helps me get things off my mind. I still need to improve my temper.”

P.W, Age: 14

“ I have worked with Reality21 on two occasions. The first workshop focused on extremism the second FGM. The workshops were very informative, interactive and engaged all students. The students responded very positively to the topical but sensitive issues. The preparation and delivery was very professional and valued by the students.

I would definitely recommend Reality21 and will be using them again in the future.”

iss McMillan - Head of Citizenship

“ Reality21 provided the school with an extremely professional delivery of PSHE. The company were able to accommodate the needs of the school ensuring that all lessons were planned to the highest standard.  The students were engaged from the start to the end of each lesson. I would definitely recommend Reality 21 for your PSHE needs.”

R Jhita - PSHE Coordinator
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